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  • Filament Instrument
  • Fiber Instrument
  • Online Monitor
  • Non-woven Instrument
  • Film Instrument
  • Performance Textile Instrument
    Thermal Effusivity - TCi
    UV Test
    Relative Hand Value(RHV) - PhabrOmeter
    Mullen Burst Tester
  • Flammability Instrument
  • Colour Assessment Cabinets (CAC) and Device
  • Testing Consumable
    Ahlstrom Filter Paper
    BOSS Silicone Sealant
  • Filtration
  • Textile Sample Making
About us

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GOIN International Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Jet. H. S. Kao in 1980, Taipei, Taiwan and very focus on textile instruments and consumable material, fabric sample making machines and highly viscose liquid filtration.

In order to provide the best product and just in time locally service in great China and Vietnam, GOIN International (Shanghai) Co.,  Ltd. and  GOIN-Intenational Vietnam Co., Ltd. were established in Shanghai and Ho Chi Ming City (CHMC) Separately in 2006 and 2017.

We are the executive agent of excellent Instruments and  devices  from Europe, USA and Japan. TEXTEST GmbH (Switzerland),    Lenzing Instruments(Austria), C-therm - TCi (Canada), DEATAK (USA), Lenzing Technik Filtration(Austria),  SDC Enterprise (UK), Testfabrics(USA), Verivide(UK), Polytex (Switzerland), MESDAN (Italy), DAIEI(Japan) are all represented by GOIN Group, …etc

In the past 34 years, GOIN achieved an excellent reputation for its outstanding performance with clients in Great China area. GOIN  provides strong skills in Laboratory Planning, After Sales Service and Testing Consulting. We successfully provide the total solution for all necessity of Textile laboratory.

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