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    Relative Hand Value(RHV) - PhabrOmeter
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  • Textile Sample Making

GOIN International Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Jet. H. S. Kao in 1980, Taipei, Taiwan and very focus on textile instruments and consumable material, fabric sample making machines and highly viscose liquid filtration.

In order to provide the best product and just in time locally service in great China and Vietnam, GOIN International (Shanghai) Co.,  Ltd. and  GOIN-Intenational Vietnam Co., Ltd. were established in Shanghai and Ho Chi Ming City (CHMC) Separately in 2006 and 2017.

We are the executive agent of excellent Instruments and  devices  from Europe, USA and Japan. TEXTEST GmbH (Switzerland),    Lenzing Instruments(Austria), C-therm - TCi (Canada), DEATAK(USA), Lenzing Technik Filtration(Austria), SDC Enterprise (UK), Testfabrics(USA), Verivide(UK), Polytex (Switzerland), MESDAN (Italy), DAIEI(Japan) are all represented by GOIN Group, …etc

In the past 34 years, GOIN achieved an excellent reputation for its outstanding performance with clients in Great China area. GOIN  provides strong skills in Laboratory Planning, After Sales Service and Testing Consulting. We successfully provide the total solution for all necessity of Textile laboratory.


Lenzing InstrumentsLenzing Instruments


Lenzing Instruments
Lenzing Instruments provides testing technology for process- and quality control of staple fiber, filament, nonwovens and film.The product offer includes high level online monitoring systems, at-line testing equipment designed for usage directly in the production as well as laboratory testing instruments.

The Govmark Organization, Inc., established in 1972, has a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of exceptional flammability test instrumentation. DEATAK was transitioned to Govmark Ltd in 2012. Deatak continues to make improvements to comply with the most recent standards while utilizing the unique and proven Govmark design.
C- Therm company owned the global leadership in thermal conductivity analyzer. The TCi employs the Modified Transient Plane Source patented technique, conforming to ASTM D7984, and provides fast measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal effusively.DAIEI KAGAKU SEIKI MFG. CO., LTD was formed in 1965, mainly evaluating the fiber and dye quality, manufactures and sales of performance evaluation tester for various macromolecule materials of fibers.





Mullen TestersTestfabricsSDC EnterpriseVeriVide
Since Mullen was established in 1887, its invention, the Mullen Burst Tester, has been the industry benchmark for measuring the burst strength of paper, paperboard, non-woven and textiles. The Mullen Burst Tester is cited in many of the TAPPI and ASTM standards.

Since found in the US in 1930, Testfabrics, Inc. has cooperated with many International authorized standard-setting organization, AATCC、ASTM、JIS、ISO、SDC、DEK、UL, promoting relative testing products. Test fabrics, Inc. has extremely high credibility and market share.

SDC enterprises, affiliated to The Society of Dyers and Colorists, have over 85 years’ experience in the field. SDCE's reputation as colour fastness testing consumables for use in BS, EN and ISO test procedures was established and became the supplier worldwide recognized and trusted.
Verivide was established in 1960s. Its innovative products and service are widely applied in many fields and industries. For over 40 years, Verivide has been the leading manufacturer in colour assessment and other applications.





LabsphereAhlstromLenzing TechnikPoltex
Labsphere was inaugurated in 1979. It has been working on providing such innovative solutions for various applications, including LED/SSL lighting, remote sensing, automotive, national defense, safety, healthcare, biomedicine and optical products and research environment. Ahlstrom is a globally leading new material science and technology company created in 1851. The filters, such as 4”x4”, 5”x5”, 5.5”x12, should be collocated for testing with the Instruments, Lister AC and wetback from Lenzing Instruments.
Lenzing Technik GmbH has more than 30 years experience in liquid filtration, continuous improvement, high vertical integration due to diverse manufacturing groups in house and stringent quality standards made us an international market leader in many industrial sectors.Polytex AG, its foundation in 1949 in Zurich, has been committed to research and production for textile sampling machines, which are used for complete processing of sample books, shade cards, hanger collections and waterfall collections.




Swissatest Testmaterialien AG (formerly EMPA) is the supplier which provides the service for test materials and testing in the domains of washing, cleaning and hygiene.

PhabrOmeter® instrument, a fabric sensory quality evaluation system, developed by Nu Cybertek, Inc. in  USA, has become a designated machine by AATCC standard for fabric hand evaluation.

AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Coloris) has been serving the textile industry for more than 90 years. AATCC provides test methods, quality control materials, and education programs for textile and apparel professionals worldwide.

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